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Terms of Use and Privacy Policy changes on GLOTTER

07 March 2018

The¬†GLOTTER community has grown a lot since the last update of the legal information in 2012 and it was about time to revise the rules in order to comply with new/upcoming laws and regulations. Here are some key updates we have performed and which will be effective to all users on March 08, 2018 The […]

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10 000 000

30 August 2016

GLOTTER recently recorded it’s 10 millionth view of a Map entry. That’s a satisfying milestone and at the same time confirmation for the hard work that’s involved in operating and enhancing a Web Community.

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Happy 9th Birthday GLOTTER!

25 February 2016

GLOTTER is getting¬†9 years old today and we are approaching the¬†10.000.000 Map¬†Views¬†rapidly. This year’s¬†obligatory¬†Birthday¬†Update¬†includes Several Frontend modifications Technical¬†adaptions As announced a year ago, the Google Earth features had to be removed because the API¬†has been deprecated¬†by Google recently Even if old Internet Explorer browsers didn’t¬†play a major role in the stats anymore, the¬†Support¬†has been dropped

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