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Elite Universities in the USA

by Globetrotter on 30 July 2007EN
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Location of US Elite universities (Harvard, Princeton, Yale, MIT, Stanford etc.) with seal and founding year.

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California Institute of Technology (CA)

Established: 1891

California Institute of Technology (CA) © California Institute of Technology, Fair Use

Stanford University (CA)

Established: 1891

Stanford University (CA) © Stanford University, Fair use

MIT: Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MA)

Established: 1861

MIT: Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MA) © MIT, Fair Use

Columbia University (NY)

Established: 1754

Columbia University (NY) © Columbia University, Fair use

Princeton University (NJ)

Established: October 22, 1746

Princeton University (NJ) © Princeton University, Fair use

Yale University (CT)

Established: 1701

Yale University (CT) © Yale University, Public Domain

Harvard University (MA)

Established: September 8, 1636

Harvard University (MA) © Harvard University, Fair Use

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